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02/18/2014 - Deadline for 2014 Dog Licenses = March 1
What you need to know about Dog Licenses Who needs a dog license? By Michigan State Law, all dogs 4 months of age and older must be licensed in the county in which the dog and dog owner reside. Indoor dogs, outdoor dogs, hunting dogs, working dogs, police dogs, old dogs, sick dogs, service dogs and every other “kind” of dog must be licensed. What is the cost of a dog license? • Puppies under 1 year of age (altered or unaltered) = $10.00 • Altered adult dogs (1 yr or older) = $10.00 • Unaltered adult dogs (1 yr or older) = $30.00 • Service dogs = FREE with notarized affidavit or documentation of service with a recognized service dog agency (i.e., Leader Dogs of America, The Seeing Eye, etc) *After March 1, a $15.00 late fee per dog applies for dogs over 4 months old **If a citation has been issued for lack of license, an additional $10.00 citation fee applies What will I need to purchase a license? • The only requirement to purchase a dog license is a current Rabies vaccination with at least 30 days left before its expiration date. If your Rabies vaccine is current but is due to expire within 30 days, you will need to obtain a new Rabies vaccine before a license can be sold. • Other helpful information includes your ID, proof of alteration (to get the lower priced license), your pet’s microchip information (incase your dog gets lost), any other information you’d like us to keep on file with your dog’s account • If for some reason you did not get your renewal application in the mail, or you would like a blank form for a new dog, you can get one at  Where can I get a dog license? • KCASE sells licenses year-round during open hours or via mail (must be postmarked by March 1) • Most area vet clinics sell licenses between December 1 and March 1 ($2.00 fee/dog applies) • All township/city/county treasurer offices sell licenses between December 1 and March 1 Why do I need a dog license? • It’s the law: MCL 287.266 Sec 6(1) • It increases your chances of having your pet returned to you before its reported to the shelter as stray • You are subject to late fees and misdemeanor penalties if caught without a license • Fees collected from license sales directly impact the operating budget of KCASE and the services we’re able to provide to county residents and the animals in our care • Licenses act as record that your dog has been Rabies vaccinated, which is a serious and fatal disease that kills 60,000 people each year, primarily in areas of the world where measures like licensing is not enforced. Still have questions? Contact KCASE at 269-383-8775 or

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